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4G63 Cam Dyno Reviews

This time AMS tested cams for the new generation 4G63 , be suprised , a CAM change can make more than nearly 100hp diffrence

We've been working on doing a big cam test. Some of you might have read Turbo Magazine and seen the first two issues come out about this test. I'm going to lay out some data and findings here and also include some info which didn't make it into the magazine. It's really cool stuff as it's back to back testing on our dyno between all these cams. It was a lot of work to to do it right but worth it. Each cam had to be degreed on a test engine to make sure it was being installed 'straight up' before it went into my car. What good is the test if one cam is ground off and now the intake is running 4 degrees retarded and making more power? I had to keep it all on a level playing field hence the painstaking details. If you're going to do a test you better leave no stone unturned!

I'm also running 22psi of boost for a reason. If I run high boot and max the turbo out the gains from the camshafts will be somewhat masked. The gains will be there because I did run high boost (I'll share results later) but again the gains are easier to see when you don't max out the turbo.

What cams did we test? here they are

1. Stock
2. HKS 272
3. Crane 272/264
4. TOMEI 280 hydraulic lifter
5. TOMEI 280 solid lifter
5. Brian Crower stage 2
6. Brian Crower stage 3
7. GSC S2
8. GSC S3
9. Kelford 272
10. Greddy Easy Cams
11. FP 4R
12. FP 5R

I bet you guys would want to see the result heh? First things first.

My car specs:

AMS 2.0L race engine
AMS-Headgames race head
AMS GT35R turbo kit
AMS 3" turbo back exhaust
C16 Race gas on conservative tune for testing purposes

I'll be adding a graph every day or so, so check back often for updates.

First one:

1. Stock cams vs. HKS 272 - 22psi

Nice gains with quick spool, no bottom end loss at all.

2. Stock cams vs. Tomei 280 - 22psi

Big gains but loss of spool and bottom end power. Very rough idle, not for stock ECU cars.

3. Stock Cams Vs. Crane 272 intake 264 exhaust

Another big hp cam with rough idle

4. Stock Cams vs. Brian Crower stage 2 (272)

Ok, but I had to degree them in and move them quite a bit to get them to zero (factory specs)

5. Stock cams vs. Brian Crower stage 3 (280)

Rough idle, sounds mean but power was off. Cams needed to be degreed, were off by 3-5 degrees per cam.

6. Stock cams vs. GSC S2 22psi

good idle and driveability with good power gains.

7. Stock cams vs. GSC S3 22psi

choppier idle, trades a little spool up and bottom end power for more top end compared to S2's

8. Stock cams vs. FP 4R 22psi

Next step above HKS 272's. Trades smooth idle and great road manners for peak power production.

9. Stock cams vs. FP 5R 22psi

Rougher idle and driveability but the power is there.

10. Stock cams vs. Kelford 272 22psi

I like these cams, great street manners, power delivery, and top end power!

Dam, all those pics are all broken now
guys, you may visit the links below for the full list reviews by AMS and Turbomagazine
You guys may see that at the end of Part 4 ,

Tomei 280 and the Crane cams are suited for drag applications
Kelford 272 and Forced Performance 4R for fun drag cars
HKS 272 and Greddy Easy Cam for stock turbos

after u read the whole discussion and go thru evolutionm , then u can see that the GSC S1 drops into the stock turbo category, the S2 drops into the 2nd category

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