Wednesday, 21 November 2012

4G63 RWD Guide

There are some basic things we must think about before doing a 4G63 swap. First, you may want to read up on the "Sirius" family of motors sometimes refered to as "4G6x" on here. This will help you to gain an understanding of what options you have when selecting parts and budgeting your swap. There are several variations of 4G6x motors depending on the model and year so be sure to be specific.
It is also helpful to understand what parts are interchangable. There are some wonderful combinations that you can make simply by separating the part's purpose from its application. This doesn't need to follow makes, models or engine families even. Some examples:
  • Mazda Pickup truck bellhousings can be used to put an RX7 transmission behind a wideblock 4G6x.
  • GSXR motorcycle coils don't care if they're on a motorcycle engine or a 4G63 automobile engine as long as you give them the correct signal.
Most information on the site refers to swapping a 4G6x into a Starion or Conquest, but most concepts can be used for swapping into any vehicle.

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