Monday, 26 November 2012

Mitsubishi Spark Plug list




Eng. size

Dates of release

Plug type
3000 GT6G73.0 97-PFR6J-11-1,1
3000 GT6G72 MPI TC3.0 95-PFR6J-11-1,1
3000 GT6G72/T DOHC3.009.92-PFR6J-11-1,1
Carisma4G92 SOHC1.6 97-BKR6E-11141,1
Carisma4G93 SOHC1.8 97-BKR6E-11141,1
Carisma GDI4G93 GDI1.809.97-PZFR6B-0,8
Carisma 1600 DAO4G921.609.95-BKR6E-11141,1
Carisma 1800 DAO4G931.809.95-BKR6E-11141,1
Carisma 1800 DAO4G931.809.95-BKR6E-11141,1
Champ 13004G131.3 94-BP5ES 80,8
Champ 15004G151.5 94-BPR5ES-11-1,1
Colt 12004G111.2 - 84BPR5ES 60,8
Colt 1200 C104G161.2 85- 88BPR6ES 20,8
Colt 13004G11.3 97-BPR5ES-11-1,1
Colt 13004G131.3 95-BPR5ES-11-1,1
Colt 13004G131.3 89-BPR6ES 20,8
Colt 13004G131.303.96-BUR6EA-11-1,1
Colt 13004G13 / MPI1.3 92-BPR5ES-11-1,1
Colt 13004G13 / MPI Cat.1.3 93- 94BPR6ES-11131,1
Colt 14001.4 - 87BPR6ES 20,8
Colt 15004G151.5 94-BP5ES 80,8
Colt 15004G151.5BPR6ES 20,8
Colt 15004G15 Cat.1.5BPR6ES-11131,1
Colt 16004G9 MVV1.6 97-BKR5E-11-1,1
Colt 16004G9(not MVV Magermix)1.6 97-BKR6E-11141,1
Colt 16004G921.603.96-BKR6E-11141,1
Colt 16004G921.6 92- 93BKR6E-11141,1
Colt 16004G92 MPI1.6 94- 95BKR6E-11141,1
Colt 16004G92 MPI MVV1.6 95- 96BKR5E-11-1,1
Colt 16001.6BPR6ES 20,8
Colt 1600 16V4G921.612.91-BPR6ES 20,8
Colt 1600 Turbo1.6 86- 88BPR6ES 20,8
Colt 1600 Turbo1.6 (85)BPR7ES190,8
Colt 18004G671.8BPR7ES190,8
Colt 18004G67 Cat.1.8BPR7ES190,8
Colt 1800 GTI 16V4G93 MPI1.8 94-BKR6E-11141,1
Cordia4G321.6 -84/86-BPR5ES 60,8
Cordia4G321.6 (85)BPR6ES 20,8
Cordia Turbo4G321.6 - 84BPR6ES 20,8
Cordia Turbo4G62 / G62B1.8 85-BR7ES-0,8
Diamante 30006G72 MPI DOHC3.0 94-BK6E-0,8
Diamante 30006G72 MPI SOHC3.0 94-BPR6ES-11131,1
Eclipse4G62.0 97-BPR6ES-11131,1
Eclipse 20094G63 MPI DOHC2.0 91-10.95BPR7ES190,8
Eclipse 2009 D304G632.011.95-BUR7EA-11-1,1
Expo 1800 LRV4G93 MPI1.8 94-BKR5E-11-1,1
Expo 2400 / LRV4G64 MPI SOHC2.4 94-BKR5E-11-1,1
Galant4G62.0 97-BKR6E-11141,1
Galant V66A132.5 97-PFR6G-11-1,1
Galant V6 24V6G73 MPI2.5 95-PFR6J-11-1,1
Galant 12001.2 - 84BPR6ES 20,8
Galant 14001.4 - 84BPR5ES 60,8
Galant 16004G321.6BPR6ES 20,8
Galant 18004G371.8BPR6ES 20,8
Galant 18004G37 Cat.1.8 - 91BPR6ES-11131,1
Galant 18004G37 Cat.1.8 92-BPR7ES-11-1,1
Galant 18004G931.8 94-BK6E-0,8
Galant 18004G93 MPI1.8 94-BKR6E-11141,1
Galant 2009 Cat.2.0 92-BPR7ES-11-1,1
Galant 20094G632.0 93-BK6E-0,8
Galant 20094G632.0 96-BKR6E-11141,1
Galant 20094G632.0BPR6ES 20,8
Galant 20094G632.0 92-BPR7ES-11-1,1
Galant 20094G63 Cat.2.0BPR6ES-11131,1
Galant 20094G63 MPI2.0 94-BKR6E-11141,1
Galant 20094G63D2.0 92-BPR6ES 20,8
Galant 2009 V66A12 MPI 24V2.0 93-PFR6J-11-1,1
Galant 24004G64 MPI DOHC2.4 94-BPR6ES-11131,1
Galant 24004G64 MPI SOHC2.4 94-BKR6E-11141,1
Galant 2500 V6 24V2.5 93-PFR6J-11-1,1
Galant Dynamic4G632.0 91-BPR6ES 20,8
L2004G321.6 92-BPR5ES 60,8
L2004G32 Cat.1.6BPR6ES 20,8
L2004G542.6 - 92BPR6ES-11131,1
L2004G54/B2.6 93-BPR6ES-11131,1
L2004G632.0 92-BPR6ES 20,8
L2004G632.0 - 92BPR7ES190,8
L2004G64 MPI2.4 94-BPR6ES-11131,1
L200G54B2.6 95-BUR6EA-11-1,1
L3004G321.6BPR5ES 60,8
L3004G331.4 94-BP6ES 40,8
L3004G632.0BPR5ES 60,8
L3004G632.0 92-BPR6ES 20,8
L3004G63 Cat.2.0 92-BPR6ES 20,8
L3004G63 FBC2.0 95-BKR5E-11-1,1
L3004G63 MPI2.0 95-BKR5E-11-1,1
L3004G64 Cat.2.4 92-PGR6A-11-1,1
L4004G63 MPI2.0 95-BKR5E-11-1,1
L4004G64 MPI2.4 95-BKR5E-11-1,1
Lancer 12004G111.2 - 84BPR5ES 60,8
Lancer 12004G161.2 85-BPR6ES 20,8
Lancer 13004G11.3 97-BPR5ES-11-1,1
Lancer 13004G131.310.92-BP5ES 80,8
Lancer 13004G131.3 89- 92BPR6ES 20,8
Lancer 13004G131.303.96-BUR6EA-11-1,1
Lancer 13004G131.303.96-BUR6EA-11-1,1
Lancer 13004G13 Cat.1.3 -09.92BPR6ES 20,8
Lancer 13004G13 MPI1.310.92-BPR5ES-11-1,1
Lancer 14004G121.4 - 84BPR5ES 60,8
Lancer 15004G151.5 93-BP5ES 80,8
Lancer 15004G151.5 85- 92BPR6ES 20,8
Lancer 15004G15 Cat.1.5 86- 92BPR6ES-11131,1
Lancer 15004G91 MPI1.5 94-BK6E-11-1,1
Lancer 16004G61 DOHC1.6 90-09.92BPR6ES 20,8
Lancer 16004G9 MVV1.6 97-BKR5E-11-1,1
Lancer 16004G9(not MVV Magermix)1.6 97-BKR6E-11141,1
Lancer 16004G92 MPI1.610.92-BKR6E-11141,1
Lancer 16004G92 MVV1.6 94-BKR5E-11-1,1
Lancer 16001.6 - 84BPR5ES 60,8
Lancer 1600 Turbo4G32T1.6 86- 88BPR6ES 20,8
Lancer 1600 Turbo4G32T1.6 (85)BPR7ES190,8
Lancer 1600 Twin Carb.1.6BPR6ES 20,8
Lancer 18004G37 Cat.1.8BPR6ES-11131,1
Lancer 18004G671.8BPR7ES190,8
Lancer 1800 16V4G93 MPI1.8 93-BK6E-0,8
Mirage4G15 MPI1.5 94-BPR5ES-11-1,1
Mirage4G93 MPI1.8 94-BKR5E-11-1,1
Montero V6 30006G723.0 91-BPR5ES-11-1,1
Pajero4G642.4 97-BPR6ES-11131,1
Pajero6G72 12Ventiler3.0 97-BPR5ES-11-1,1
Pajero6G72 24Ventiler3.0 97-PFR6J-11-1,1
Pajero6G743.5 97-PFR5J-11-1,1
Pajero 24004G642.403.91-BPR6ES-11131,1
Pajero 26004G542.6BPR5ES 60,8
Pajero 26004G54 Cat.2.6BPR5ES-11-1,1
Pajero 26002.6 92-BP6ES-11-1,1
Pajero 3000 V66G723.0 89-BPR5ES-11-1,1
Pajero 3500 V66G74 DOHC3.504.94-PFR6J-11-1,1
Sapporo 12001.2BPR6ES 20,8
Sapporo 14001.4BPR5ES 60,8
Sapporo 16001.6BPR5ES 60,8
Sapporo 1600 Twin Carb.1.6BPR6ES 20,8
Sapporo 20092.0BPR6ES 20,8
Sapporo 24004G642.4BPR7ES-11-1,1
Sapporo GSR2.003.81-11.84BPR7ES190,8
Sapporo Turbo2.003.81-11.84BR7ES-0,8
Sigma V66G72 DOHC 24V3.0 91- 93PFR6J-11-1,1
Sigma V66G72 SOHC3.0 91- 93BPR6ES-11131,1
Sigma 30006G72 MPI V63.0 94-BPR6ES-11131,1
Sigma 30006G72 MPI V6-24V3.0 94-PFR6J-11-1,1
Space Gear4G63 MPI2.004.95-BKR5E-11-1,1
Space Gear4G64 MPI2.404.95-BKR5E-11-1,1
Space Gear4G692.0 97-BKR5E-11-1,1
Space Runner4G931.8 97-BKR6E-11141,1
Space Runner 18004G931.8 94-BK6E-0,8
Space Runner 18004G931.809.91- 92BKR6E-11141,1
Space Runner 18004G93 MPI1.8 94-BKR6E-11141,1
Space Wagon4G632.0 97-BKR5E-11-1,1
Space Wagon 86- 88BPR6ES 20,8
Space Wagon (85)BPR7ES190,8
Space Wagon 18004G371.8 89-BPR6ES 20,8
Space Wagon 18004G931.8 94-BK6E-0,8
Space Wagon 18004G931.809.91- 93BKR6E-11141,1
Space Wagon 18004G93 MPI1.8 94-BKR6E-11141,1
Space Wagon 20094G63 Cat.2.0 89-BPR7ES-11-1,1
Space Wagon 20094G63 MPI Cat.2.0 93-BKR6E-11141,1
Space Wagon 2009 4WD2.0 89-BPR7ES190,8
Starion 20092.0BPR7ES190,8
Starion 2600 TurboG54B Cat.2.6 89-BPR6ES-11131,1
Starion Turbo2.0BR7ES-0,8
Tredia1.6 -84/86-BPR5ES 60,8
Tredia1.6 (85)BPR6ES 20,8
Tredia Turbo1.6 - 84BPR6ES 20,8
Tredia Turbo1.8 85-BR7ES-0,8


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