Thursday, 22 November 2012

Twin Scroll, Yes or No (Part II)

The graph below is from my IX with the GTX3076R.

I first ran the T31 4-bolt 0.82 a/r with RevHard cast Manifold (gold line)

I then swapped to the T31 4-bolt 0.63 a/r with RevHard cast manifold and retuned (blue line)

I then swapped to the T4 TwinScroll 1.06 a/r and did not touch the tune. Manifold was my custom made short runner TwinScroll design with dual Tial 38mm's. (green line)

I made slightly overall more power with the 1.06 a/r TS vs. the 0.82 a/r and gained 900rpm in spool.

One of the shortest Twinscroll manifold hehe


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