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W5M33 Common Gearbox Codes

GearBox Code
Vehicle Front LSD Ratio
W5M33-2-NGRE  Lancer gsr RS (1992, 1800cc) ?
W5M33-2-NNZT  Eclipse AWD 5spd mfg 3/94 ?
W5M33-2-NPXV 91-94 Eclipse AWD 5spd mfg 6/90-2/94 ?
W5M33-2-NPZT 95-96 Eclipse AWD 5spd mfg 3/94-6/96 ?
W5M33-2-NQBE Libero/Lancer Gsr, non lsd version of NRWE No 3.545
W5M33-2-NQBK 1991-92 to 4/92 VR4/ZR4 Galant ?
W5M33-2-NQBM 1992 Galant to 5/92 ?
W5M33-2-NRBE  92-95 Lancer GSR, lightweight synco's 2nd & 3rd No 3.545
W5M33-2-NRWE 92-95 Lancer GSR, stronger box, dbl syncro 2nd Yes 3.545
W5M33-2-NRXD  1990 Cyborg  No 3.545
W5M33-2-UPFE  Evo3 RS with front LSD Yes 3.909
W5M33-2-UPGE  Evo3 GSR non LSD No 3.909
W5M33-2-UPWE Evo3 GSR with front LSD Yes 3.909
W5M33-2-UPYE Evo3 RS non LSD  No 3.909
W5M33-2-WPFE Evo2 RS with front LSD Yes 3.909
W5M33-2-WPGE Evo2 GSR non LSD No 3.909
W5M33-2-WPVF Galant VR4 E84A ?
W5M33-2-WPWE Evo2 GSR with front LSD Yes 3.909
W5M33-2-WPYE Evo2 RS non LSD No 3.909
W5M33-2-WQFE Evo1 RS with front LSD Yes 3.909
W5M33-2-WQFK Galant VR4 evo ? ?
W5M33-2-WQGE Evo1 GSR non LSD No 3.909
W5M33-2-WQNK VR4 Evo, close ratio box ? No 3.909
W5M33-2-WQWE Evo1 GSR (and RS?) with front LSD  Yes 3.909
W5M33-2-WQYE Evo1 RS non LSD No 3.909

US TEL 1G 3/89 - 6/90 (shift link) -> w5m332npzs
US TEL 1G 6/90 - 2/94 -> w5m332npxv
US TEL 2G 3/94 - 6/96 -> w5m332npzt
US TEL 2G 7/96 and up -> w5m332muzt

US spec GVR4 to 4/92 -> w5m332nqbk
US spec GVR4 5/92 and up -> w5m332nqbm

US Galant GSX AWD non-turbo 6/89-5/90 -> w5m312vqzh
US Galant GSX AWD non-turbo 6/90-5/92 -> w5m312vqbk

US Expo 1G AWD -> w5m33_mn__??? (Anyone know?)
US Expo-LRV 1.8 AWD non-turbo 5spd -> w5m312vnxl
US Expo-LRV 2.4 AWD non-turbo 5spd -> w5m332nnxl
US Expo 2.4 AWD non-turbo 6/92-2/94 -> w5m332nnxl
US Expo 2.4 AWD non-turbo 5/91-5/92 -> w5m332nnxz

W5M33 - Firstly, M=manual. Secondly, W5*33 seems to be any (F/4WD based) 4G63 or 4G91 engine gearbox.

The last 4 letters tell you all the important things:
1st Part: Final Drive Ratio
N - 4.929 (VR4)
W - 5.358 (VR4 Evo and up)
U - 5.433 (Evo 3)

2nd Part:
G -
P - Evo 2/3 Gearbox (Double syncros on 2nd, 3rd and 4th gears, 2.750 and 1.684 ratios on first and second
Q - VR4, VR4 Evo, Evo 1 gearbox
R -

3rd Part: Front LSD?
B -
F - Front LSD (RS - Mechanical LSD)
G - Non LSD (GSR)
N -
V -
W - Front LSD (GSR - Viscous LSD)
X -
Y - Non LSD (RS)

4th Part: Vehicle
D - 90+ Mirage Cyborg
E - 92+ Cxxx Lancer
F - 92+ Galant (AKO Style)
K - 88+ E3xx Galant

w5m332 means they are for turbo AWD 4g63 powered 1G, GVR4 and evo 1-3 (don't know about evo iv and beyond, anyone?).

nq -> is for the GVR4 (US and JDM)
np -> if the the US 1G and some 2G cars (up to 96; in '97 MMC switched from np to mu for the 2G)
c50ph -> is the switchable tranny (2wd/4wd)
c51ph -> if for the 88-89 JDM VR4 (early GVR4s) and select foreign market (a specimen was reported in Australia for example) GVR4s

All of the above are compatible with the GVR4 3 bolt and the 1G 4 bolt rear diffs.

wq -> is for the GVR4 RS and the evo1
evo2 and evo3 -> trannies each have letters that are different from all of the above and from one another.

The wq and evo2 and evo3 trannies DO NOT work with the US GVR4 3 bolt nor the US 1G 4 bolt rear diffs. The above data was gathered from multiple lists over a period of two years. I have found no exceptions to date.


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    1. MPZL is a Chariot or RVR box. I just took one apart. 58/15 crownwheel, 37/12 1st, 32/19 2nd, 29/26 3rd, 26/29 4th, 33/22 5th. Open front diff.

    2. With only double syncro on second.

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