Monday, 3 December 2012

Garrett GTX vs GT 3076

Below are some results of GT3076 vs GTX3076, how technology of the new blade by Garrett make difference in power and response. The new GTX is a all new billet wheel which was carved to perfection on a C&C machine.

Source :

Source :

Hi all... i have conducted a TRUE comparison between the two turbos thanks to Sonic Performance and Garage 7. By true comparison i mean the only thing changed was the turbo. nothing else was touched. The result was suprising and disappointing both at the same time. We found that the GTX version DID spool quicker and hence started making torque and power earlier in the midrange. i now have FULL boost around the 3500 rpm mark which for a turbo like that is impressive. Its highly streetable! 
The downside is that for the same boost level peak power is changed by .1 of a kw! its pretty much lineball! the two turbos match each other on the graph pretty much spot on.
runs were done with air temp probe and same correction mode and dyno that STatus uses for real world comparison. 
Solid pink line is GTX, thin red line is GT. 

See how much faster the GTX builds boost


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